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About Us

Judith Safaris

TRAVEL WITH FEMALE DRIVERS is the industry leaders in the tours and travel trade and represent a wide spectrum of travel and vacation packages available in Rwanda.


To uphold ethical business practices among our members while ensuring sustainable development of the tourism industry in Rwanda.


To preserve and protect our heritage and environment through integrated tourism development in Rwanda.


  • To develop mechanisms for unification and loyalty of tour operators and travel agent’s interests in dynamic and effective way
  • To put in place amicable conflicts settlement and arbitration as well as assistance to the development of good and coherent business atmosphere
  • To ensure the representation of the tour operators and travel agents in the partnership between private, public sectors as well as Non Governmental Organisation
  • Improvement of member business knowledge and understanding and subsequent professional performance
  • To establish rules and regulation and recommend guidelines for new members in Rwanda’s tourism and travel industry
  • Maintain Rwanda’s good reputation as a tourist destination by making sure that tour operators and travel agents maintain high and professional ethics and standards and give value of services rendered to visitors
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